Anchor Brewing Company

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Anchor Brewing Company

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There are certain iconic symbols that come to mind when one thinks of San Francisco and for beer lovers it is the Anchor Steam® logo. Combining the classic art of brewing with modern methods, Anchor Brewing Company’s line of beers are hand-crafted from an all-malt mash in their traditional copper brewhouse. Tracing its roots back to the California Gold Rush, Anchor Brewing is America’s first craft brewery and continues to thrive in the craft beer market. Much like many of San Francisco’s  landmarks, the Anchor Brewing product line has captured the hearts of many. Here are some of our favorite selections from this iconic brewery.


Anchor Steam®, A San Francisco Original

Much like the beautiful city where it was conceived, Anchor Steam® is rich in history and culture. With its gorgeous amber color and luscious, creamy head, Anchor Steam® is considered by many to be San Francisco’s signature beer. It’s name is fitting as it was inspired by the brewing process on the West Coast in the 19th century.  “Steam” was the name for beer brewed during this period under which brew masters had to work under primitive conditions and without ice. It is believed that the the origin of the name “steam” came from the practice of fermenting beer on San Francisco rooftops in a cool climate. San Francisco’s foggy air cooled the warm, fermenting beer and thus created steam. Today “steam” is a trademark of Anchor Brewing Company and is only associated with the flavor of their flagship brand, Anchor Steam® Beer.


Anchor Steam


Liberty Ale®

Known as the first modern American IPA brewed after prohibition, Liberty Ale® has a distinctive hop bouquet and champagne-like bubbles which both lend to the balanced characteristics of this single-hop ale. Born in 1975, it is made with only natural ingredients and is brewed strictly according to traditional brewing methods. Just like San Francisco sparked a revolution of love in the 1960’s, Liberty Ale® is the original craft ale that started a beer revolution.


Liberty Ale


Summer® Beer

Crisp and refreshing like the cool breeze over San Francisco bay, Summer® Beer’s light and refreshing taste captures the essence of summer in the city spent with good friends and delectable bites. Conceived in 1984, it is one of of the first American wheat beers of modern times. Ideal for those seeking something on the lighter side without sacrificing tradition Summer ® Beer is a perfect match. Available April through October, it coincides nicely with America’s favorite pastime and pairs well with ball game fare.

anchor summer beer

Anchor Summer Beer


Old Foghorn® Ale

Barleywine style ale is to beer what port is to wine: sweeter, thicker and richer. Based on traditional English barleywine methods, Old Foghorn® Barleywine Style Ale is hoppy, sweet and fruit forward. First introduced in 1975, Old Foghorn® was the first modern American barleywine that sparked a renewed interest in barleywine ales domestically. Ideal for sipping on after a meal, Old Foghorn® is a San Francisco classic. Sip on it at Boxing Room in the Hayes Valley neighborhood. Known for their Cajun and Creole dishes of New Orleans and coastal Louisiana, coupled with seasonal Northern California ingredients, Boxing Room is a recent addition to the city’s eclectic dining scene. Occupying the former 19th-century Standard Shirts Factory, it is the ideal place to enjoy one of Anchor Brewing’s most iconic brands in a historical setting.


Old Foghorn

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